The walls of the houses turned into pages

When art meets a small village and a new experience for a community starts. The walls of the houses have become pages, the more or less known stories of those who lived there have come to life as fantastic images and whispered tales. Wander through the small streets and discover, looking up, the unusual pages of a novel that has never been read.

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“I come from the depths of the abyss, and I breathe water”

Rota, an ethereal female presence, a nymph, living in the spring waters of the ancient Sanctuary of Fountain Bona, will welcome you at the beginning of the itinerary promising you stories of talents and virtues during a journey of the soul on the waves of time.

All the characters will show you their lives and are portrayed by putting together the moments of their existence

Ruoti Mayor

Anna Scalise

“We are happy to start an itinerary of the Casa della Cultura. The great desire to spread the cultural heritage of Ruoti prevailed … Read more

The Graphic Novel as an original public art itinerary

The village of Ruoti is the protagonist of its own Graphic Novel, an unpublished novel that takes shape in the large images created by the Lucanian artist Silvio Giordano, then transformed into 3D digital sculptures by the Effenove. These creations find their natural location on the walls of the houses, fully integrating into the daily life of a community which becomes the precious keeper of a story.

A journey that is divided into ten stops, supported by the narration of Rota who, with each illustration, suggests ideas, anecdotes and promises emotions. The visions of the memory come alive in front of the visitors recalled by the verses of Rosario Angelo Avigliano.

The itinerary winds through the streets of Ruoti and is divided into 10 interesting stops.

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From graphic to the digital signs: when technology and art meet

The large images are the result of a long artistic work originating from the creativity of Silvio Giordano, translated into sketches he wisely drew by hand to become the plot on which to weave the precious 3D reconstruction by Effenove, by means of the most innovative computer graphics techniques.

Station 1

Rota, the nymph, and Fountain Bona

Born from the imagination of Rosario Angelo Avigliano, the Nymph Rota makes reference to a female worship practiced at the Sanctuary of Fountain Bona in Ruoti, connected to the spring waters and linked to the fertility of the earth.

Station 2

Late Roman villa in San Giovanni

Born as a modest country house, it has gone through over five centuries of numerous transformations, to become finally a praetorium, a centre of power as well as a precious monumental complex.

Station 3

Gerardo Salinardi

Agronomist, highly decorated with War Crosses for Military Valour on the field of battle, he is remembered above all thanks to his numerous archaeological discoveries in the land of Ruoti.

Station 4

Michele Carlucci

Defined as: «one of the Masters of Italian Oenology», he was an illustrious oenologist and winemaker at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. His name is mainly associated with the Asprinio vine, known as the Ruoti nectar.

Station 5

Renato Angiolillo

Journalist, politician and academic, frequenter of the Roman salons, in 1944 he founded the newspaper Il Tempo, which he also directed and published.

Station 6

Angela Acquavia

She was one of the ten thousand Lucanians who left their land with their families to move to America in 1887. She had the merit of bringing with her the seeds of the famous Lucanian red peppers which in America, thanks to one of her sons, became the renowned Jimmy Nardello’s Peppers.

Station 7

Rocco Buccico

Born in Ruoti in 1855 and honoured with the title Cavaliere della Corona d’Italia after 1890, he is remembered for having launched the alkaline and gaseous waters of Monticchio, in the Vulture region, on the world market. 

Station 8

The stop of the soul

No large picture has been placed at this stop, as visitors here can hear the voice of Rota inviting them to enjoy the beauty and silence of the natural landscape in the slow pace of the village life. 

Station 9

Giuseppe Pisanti

Graduated first in physical and mathematical sciences and then in architecture at the Royal University of Naples, favourite disciple of the great Enrico Alvino, a man of extraordinary talent, he devoted his entire life to studying, teaching with passion at the Institute of Fine Arts. 

Station 10

Canio Nicola Iacouzzi

Graduated in civil engineering in Naples, he settled with his sister in Argentina, in Belén de Escobar, where he immediately became famous for many reasons. In 1964 he conceived the National Flower Festival, which immediately turned into an internationally renowned event and after having founded an Italian club, he contributed, in 1980, to the birth of the Italian Dante Alighieri school. 

“Come with me, I’ll tell you about my offspring, I’ll tell you about their talents and I’ll share their stories with you.”